Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yogurt Oatmeal Smoothie

Oats are these days is increasingly a part of morning cereal breakfast, which fights against high cholesterol and heart diseases. It is great smoothies to kick start the day. It’s not only rich in nutrition and also very filling.

Ingredients :

Quick cooking oats - 2 tbsp
Banana - 1
Yogurt / curd -1/2 cup (homemade yogurt)
Honey - for taste
Ice cubes - few
Vanilla ice cream - 1 scoop
Nuts - few(chopped finely)

Method :

Chop the banana roughly.
Blend banana, oats, yogurt, honey and ice cubes and blend until smooth texture.
Serve chill with scoop of vanilla ice cream and chopped nuts on top.
Enjoy the soothing smoothie... : )

  • Replace the yogurt with milk also to make smoothie.
  • You can also add almond or vanilla essence few drops instead of vanilla ice cream.
  • Yogurt should be fresh.
  • You could try with other fruits like strawberry, apple.


  1. hi gayathri, first time to ur blog...yogurt smoothie very interesting n healthy too!!im glad to follow u dear..


  2. Wow, what an idea! yogurt-oatmeal smoothie sounds great! healthy too!!

  3. my sis use to make this daily for her breakfast...very healthy n yummy too...