Friday, May 16, 2014

Badam / Almond Halwa

When I came across my pantry I notice a pack full of Badam, laying there for several days. All would agree that just munching handful of almonds is simply delicious and nutritious. My husband just loves almonds and anything made out of almonds. To make it more interesting, I decided to make use of it and do some dessert.

Coming to the recipe….


Badam / Almond – ½ cup
Milk – 1 cup
Ghee – 3 tablespoon
Sugar – ½ cup
Water – ½ cup
Yellow food color – a pinch
Saffron strands few


  • Soak Badam / Almonds in water for 4 hours and peel the skin.

  • In a 2 tbsp of warm milk add saffron strands.
  • Then grind it to a coarse paste by using milk.
  • Make sugar syrup of one string consistency, in a thick bottom kadai by adding sugar & water, hardly will take 5 minutes to prepare.

  • Add the coarse Badam / Almonds mixture to the sugar syrup, keep stirring without forming lumps.
  • Now add yellow food colour and saffron strands soaked in milk.
  • In between the stirring add ghee.
  • Keep stirring till the raw smell is gone.

  • Right form to switch off is when the mixture starts is not sticking the sides and the bubble appearing.
  • Now transfer the mixture to greased plate, garnish with nuts and it’s ready to serve.

Tastes simply superb when served warm…...


  • You could also try making the almond paste as smooth one instead of coarse. Here I have used coarse paste as I prefer to have crunchy bits of Almond taste.
  • Add cashews with Badam / Almond to get a rich taste, also to save cost when prepared in large quantity.
  • Do the whole process in medium flame to avoid burning.